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Precautions for PCB layout

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Update time : 2020-05-19 17:35:31
1. Reasonable division according to electrical performance, generally divided into: digital circuit area (fear of interference and interfere), analog circuit area (fear of interference), power drive area (interference source);
2. Circuits that accomplish the same function should be placed as close as possible, and adjust the components to ensure the most concise connection; at the same time, adjust the relative position between the functional blocks to make the connection between the functional blocks the most concise;
3. For heavy components, the installation location and installation strength should be considered; the heating element should be placed separately from the temperature-sensitive component, and if necessary, thermal convection measures should also be considered;
4. The clock generator (such as crystal oscillator or clock oscillator) should be as close as possible to the device using the clock;
5. Between the power input pin and ground of each integrated circuit, a decoupling capacitor (usually a monolithic capacitor with good high-frequency performance) is required; when the circuit board space is dense, a tantalum capacitor can also be added around several integrated circuits.
6. Discharge diode should be added at the relay coil;
7. The layout needs to be balanced, dense and orderly, the weight cannot gather on one side
Finally, it is especially recommended to note that when placing components, the actual size of the components (occupied area and height) and the relative position between the components must be considered to ensure the electrical performance of the circuit board and the feasibility and convenience of production installation. At the same time, on the premise of ensuring that the above principles can be reflected, the placement of devices should be appropriately modified to make them neat and beautiful. For example, the same devices should be placed neatly and in the same direction. This step is related to the overall image of the board and the difficulty of the next wiring, so it takes a lot of effort to consider. When laying out, you can make preliminary wiring for the less sure place first, and fully consider.
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