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Tecoo is well prepared for the resumption of work

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Update time : 2020-03-02 16:46:00
      Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Tecoo has always closely followed the epidemic situation, actively responded to the government's call, carried out epidemic science, prevention and control work, and went all out to fight the epidemic defense battle of enterprises. In order to achieve scientific resumption of work and effectively protect the lives, health and safety of employees, Tecoo established an epidemic prevention and control work leading group to strictly deploy the epidemic prevention work during the company's resumption of work.
Set up an epidemic prevention and control team to store protective materials
      The company set up an epidemic prevention and control team in time, implemented the responsibility system from top to bottom, and strictly supervised and controlled the epidemic prevention and control work. And arrange the working group to purchase reserve protective materials, such as masks, disinfection water, hand sanitizer, infrared thermometer, emergency medicine, etc.
Follow up on employees' whereabouts and physical conditions, and implement flexible work
      The staff of the company's prevention and control team followed up the employee's whereabouts and physical conditions every day, and took a temperature test three times a day, morning, middle and night to make a registration. The flexible working system is implemented. The areas where the epidemic is severe, those who have been exposed to the epidemic, and employees who have not yet arrived at the office will not return to work temporarily. The “remote office” model is adopted uniformly. (Now the company's employee return rate has reached more than 90%)
The company implements 24-hour closed management and strictly controls the personnel and vehicles entering and leaving the company
      All personnel entering and exiting the company are required to wear a mask correctly, complete the relevant information declaration, and measure the body temperature without abnormalities, and can only enter the company after completing hand disinfection. All foreign personnel and vehicles need to make an appointment to enter the company area, and submit information for review in advance.
Strict implementation of company disinfection
      All areas of the company, including office areas, workshops, conference rooms, elevators, and bathrooms, must be fully disinfected no less than twice a day. Masks, measure body temperature, and clothing disinfection are required before starting work.
Do a good job of psychological counseling for staff
      The epidemic prevention and control team provides employees with answers to questions related to the epidemic, strengthens science education on epidemics, actively promotes employees to learn relevant epidemic prevention knowledge, and does a good job of psychological counseling for staff.
      At present, everyone is an important part of the epidemic. As a socially responsible company, Tecoo will continue to actively cooperate with the government to do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic situation in the enterprise sector.

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