Built-in electric oven control board

Item No.: TE-01-12
Type of Assembly:SMT&DIP
Processing method:OEM generation of materials
Daily processing capacity:500000 points
Layer:1-12 Layers
Copper Thickness:1OZ
Board Thickness:16MM
Quality certification :ISO9001:2015

Product function

1、Bake bread, cake, can choose between the upper and lower layers of the oven
2、Realize different combinations of heating tubes and choose different baking functions to adjust the temperature
of upper and lower heating tubes.
3、Smart operation of mobile APP
4、Intelligent control panel operation
5、Accurate temperature control, precision electronic temperature sensor, not affected by the environment, external
6、High efficiency: adopt the hot air circulation system to heat evenly and recuperate quickly under normal pressure;
7、Energy saving: high temperature steam directly through the food heating, than the ordinary hot air baking several
times more heat

Product advantages
1、Large volume.The maximum embedded oven can reach 60L, with a large one-time baking amount. Moreover, the
size of the oven directly influences whether the food is evenly heated and the final effect after the food is roasted.
2、Accurate temperature control.The embedded oven has good sealing, precise intelligent temperature control and
stable temperature.
3、High security.Embedded oven is design of prefacing radiate heat commonly, won't let ambry be out of shape
because of be subjected to heat, and temperature-proof glass is better, it is not easy to be hot when operating.

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