Household multi-function oven main board

Item No.: TE-01-03
Oven control board can be divided into embedded electric oven control board, desktop small oven control board.

Product features

1、Clock function, 24-hour timing
2、Alarm function: set alarm within 24 hours
3、Make an appointment for the working time of the oven and set it for 24 hours
4、The working time of oven can be set up to 10 hours
5、Automatic program setting and automatic detection
6、LCD display, blue backlight
7、Baking mode: pizza, barbecue, toast, insulation
8、Over temperature protection function


Product feature

1、The use of far infrared metal heat pipe heating, heating speed, temperature uniform, energy-saving.
2、The furnace temperature can be adjustable anywhere from 50℃ to 300℃, easy to operate and stable in
3、The overheat protection device can fully disconnect the power supply when overtemperature occurs, which
is safe and reliable.
4、The double structure of bracket and bottom plate can be used more widely.
5、Tension spring semi-automatic furnace door, open flexible, closed tightly, durable.

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