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elecontro™ Introduces You To Each Icon Function Of The EB10 Built-in Oven Basic Control Panel?

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Update time : 2021-01-07 15:16:26

一:Product Features

Multifunctional choice, More than 30 recipes
Full touching control, fashionable
Hidden glass panel, simple and high-end

二: Function Instruction

Full touching control
Accurate temperature control 5℃
Eight buttons, easy operation and good experience
A variety of recipes can be chosen, to respond to different recipes, users are free to choose
Power input: 65V~240V,50HZ~60HZ optional

三:Display, Control area



三:Function icon description

  1. Temperature setting: Enter into temperature setting mode

  2. Time setting: Enter into time setting mode

  3. Reduce: Use with “ menu, temperature, time”

  4. Increase: Use with “menu, temperature, time”

  5.  Temperature and time can switch display

  6. Menu setting: Enter into menu setting mode, choose pre-set menu

  7. Function button: switching among upper lower pipe, upper pipe and lower pipe

  8. Start/Pause button

  9. ON/OFF 

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