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How To Judge The Quality Of The Circuit Board?

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Update time : 2020-01-09 17:19:22

The quality of circuit boards is a concern for people. Excellent circuit boards can help people to produce better. So what methods can we use to judge whether they are good or bad?

1. Weld appearance.

Because the circuit board has many parts, if the welding is not good, the parts are easy to fall off, which seriously affects the welding quality of the circuit board, the appearance is good, and the interface is stronger.

2. Standard rules for size and thickness.

The thickness of the circuit board is different from that of the standard circuit board. Customers can measure and check according to the thickness and specifications of their products.

3. Light and color.

The external circuit board is covered with ink, and the circuit board can play the role of insulation. If the color of the board is not bright, and less ink is used, the thermal insulation board itself is not good.

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