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What is the quality standard of printed circuit board?

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Update time : 2020-05-22 16:57:26
The quality inspection of printed circuit board generally includes appearance inspection, connectivity inspection and solderability inspection.

1. Standards for printed circuit board appearance inspection
1) Whether the surface of the printed circuit board is smooth and flat, whether there are bumps or scratches. Whether the through hole is leaky, wrongly drilled, or the surrounding copper foil is drilled.
2) The integrity of the wire pattern, cover the printed circuit board with a photographic film, and determine whether the wire width and shape meet the requirements. There are no trachoma or broken line on the printed line, whether there is a jagged gap on the edge of the line, whether there is a short circuit in the wire that should not be connected.
3) Whether the size of the outer edge of the printed circuit board meets the requirements.

2. Printed circuit board connectivity inspection standards
Multi-layer printed circuit board need to be tested for connectivity. Usually use a multimeter to check whether the printed circuit board is connected.

3. Printed circuit board solderability inspection standards
Inspection the wetting ability of the solder to the printed circuit board graphics when soldering components to the PCB circuit board.
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