Multi-function oven electronic board

Item No.: TE-01-13
Multi-function oven electronic board is an electric heating appliance parts that USES radiant heat from electric heating elements to bake food. Multi-function oven can make roast chicken, roast duck, bake bread, cakes and so on.






Our Multi-function oven electronic board feature 

♦ Multiple heat dissipation holes on the back of the fuselage

♦ The food materials are not easy to stick and easy to clean
♦ Thickened stainless steel shell, heat insulation lock temperature
♦ Toughened glass film, visual, high temperature resistance
♦ Up and down double heat pipe, heating faster, baking more evenly
♦ Power indicator light, power at a glance


Our Multi-function oven electronic board function

♦ High efficiency: adopt the hot air circulation system to heat evenly and recuperate quickly under normal pressure.
♦ Nutrition: the steam system can provide a hypoxic working environment, which helps to reduce the rapid decomposition of nutrients caused by oxidation and avoid nutrient loss.
♦ Personalized design: microcomputer automatic control cleaning function, one key insulation design, liquid crystal display, simple operation.
♦ Linkage function: ports can be reserved for linkage with other electrical appliances according to design requirements.
♦ Air steward function: it can monitor the air quality level and automatically adjust the wind speed level.
♦ Voice control detection function: monitor the sound of cooking and automatically adjust the wind speed according to the size and frequency of the sound.