Mini oven control panel

Item No.: TE-01-182
Tecoo expertise in OEM&ODM services of various home appliances intelligent controllers, such as oven control board, coffee machine control board, air refrigerator controller, dishwasher control panel and control board for kitchen appliance.

What kind of oven control panel can we provide for our customers?

Tecoo expertise in OEM&ODM services of various oven control panel, such as mini oven control panel,built-in oven control panel、touch oven control panel、knob oven control panel.


A brief introduction to mini oven control panel

An oven with a Tecoo mini oven control panel because its power is bigger, bake speed is fast, sealing is good (use rubber gasket to seal commonly), insulation is good (3 layer toughened glass heat insulation), temperature control is accurate, be liked by more and more people.At the same time, due to the pursuit of health from 2007 to 2020, more and more middle class families have noticed this problem and started to eat their own baked food due to excessive additives in the food in cake shops outside.