Oven smart timer

Item No.: TE-01-184
Oven smart timer price of the product is reduced by 50%.Temperature control precision is controlled within +-5℃.Diversity of recipes 12 menu functions that meet most customer needs.

Oven smart timer function



Price advantage The price of the product is reduced by 50%
Temperature control precision The temperature is controlled within +-5℃
Power saving mode With standby mode, standby mode power consumption is very low, very energy saving
Preheating function After the user completes the setting, the user enters the warm-up mode directly, and stops immediately after the temperature reaches
Diversity of recipes There are 12 menu functions that meet most customer needs
Device self-checking Protect the heating tube by automatic detection
Glass panel The face plate USES toughened glass material, easy clean, beautiful, class is high, heat insulation sex is good, firm durable
Humanization design Time and temperature can be adjusted quickly, but also can be fine-tuned, more intelligent
Multifunction Support motor, furnace lamp, fan, can be reduced as required
Standard conformance Fully meet the relevant oven energy efficiency index, EMC standards