Electric heater device controller

Item No.: TE-01-49
The controller body of the electric heater is filled with a new type of heat conduction oil. When the power is connected, the heat conduction oil around the electric heat pipe is heated, and then the heat is distributed along the heat pipe or loose pieces

Product function

1、Microcomputer control, automatic timing switch machine
2、Sound prompt of buzzer, liquid crystal display
3、Remote control function, high and low level control
4、Power off automatic memory function
5、On/key: press the power on when the machine is off, and press the power off when the machine is on
6、Mode key: used for changing working mode and heating power
7、Wind speed key;Used for setting working wind speed
8、Timing key: used for setting timing. 5
9、High power, medium power, low power three gear selection
10、Temperature setting function

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