Robot sweeper control board

Item No.: TE-01-95
The home sweeper body is a wireless machine, mainly disc type.The operation mode of the sweeper control board is operated by the remote control or the operation panel on the machine.

leading indicator

1、With a circular type of trample empty sensor, can effectively prevent falling on the steps.
2、Ultrasonic bionic detection technology, which can determine obstacles by sound waves like whales.
3、Schedule and make an appointment at intervals. The working time can be set at intervals.Instead of a regular cleaning cycle.
4、Cleaning walking system;Straight line, edge cleaning, spiral, cross cleaning, focus on cleaning "S" shaped cleaning.
5、Rechargeable virtual wall, because the virtual wall is more power consumption, from the point of view of convenience, environmental protection.
6、UV sterilization, especially with pets and children of the family, UV sterilization mites better protect the health of the family.
7、Battery capacity, the capacity of 1800mAh basically belongs to the toy, the real sweeping robot battery capacity in 2800~3600MAH, this capacity to ensure effective cleaning work.

Product function

1WIFI module and APP wireless intelligent control function
2Automatic path planning function, automatic cleaning, cleaning along the wall and other intelligent modes
3High precision sensor, intelligent algorithm and quick response
4Automatic return charging function
5low power consumption, battery charge and discharge protection
6Infrared remote control and remote wake-up function
7Schedule cleaning
8NTC failure protection function

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